Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Submit Your Favorite Detroit Musician to the DMAs

For over 25 years the Detroit Music Awards Foundation has been recognizing musicians from our community with awards and one awesome night of Detroit music. This year the awards ceremony is set to be held on April 21, and will once again return to The Fillmore in Detroit. Artists that perform everything from Americana to Metal will be recognized and will receive awards throughout the evening. Even though the main event is a few months away, the process of deciding those award winners begins now. 

The Detroit Music Awards are currently in Phase I of of their three phase voting system. Phase I is what they call the submission stage. During this time, you can submit any Detroit musician that you would like. In the past, this phase was open to the public, but this year they are switching things up a bit! You now have to be a registered DMA voter to submit artists as well. Don't worry though! It's easy to register. If you are involved in the Detroit music scene, you can sign up to vote. According to the DMA's website, "Musicians, managers, booking agents, media representatives, club management, sound technicians and other music industry professionals are all eligible to apply." You can sign up to vote here

Once you are registered to vote you can submit your favorite Detroit acts. There are categories for best solo artists, individual musicians, bands, live acts, albums, and more. The good thing about Phase I is that you can submit as many acts as you want to each category! Just make sure you look at the list and see who is already on there. There's no need to submit an artist more than once per category. Phase I is open through January 22. Then, during Phase II, nominations will be made from those submissions. Finally in Phase III the voting begins. 

So make sure you head over to and register to vote. Then, get those submissions in! And once you're registered to vote, you will be able to participate in all 3 phases of the voting process. Make sure you also head over and "like" the DMAs on Facebook here to stay in the loop on showcases and networking events that they have coming up leading up to the awards show in April!  


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