Monday, November 7, 2016

Haute To Death Releasing New Book Featuring Nine Years Of Detroit Nightlife

Haute to Death recently celebrated their 9th birthday. Over the last decade Ash and Jon have been been creating one of a kind nights and Jon has been capturing them on film. They have in essence been influencing and documenting the last 10 years of fashion and night life in Detroit and they are ready to share what they have created with the world.

 The duo has taken those photos and turned them into a new 44 page book called Anthem: Haute to Death. They will be releasing the book at the Smplfd Flagship Store this Friday, November 11th. Pre-sale copies are already up for sale for $25 on their website, you can order your advance copy here. Or, you can come out this Friday to enjoy some beer, snacks and music while picking up a copy of the new book!


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