Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fight Amp Says Farewell to Detroit

For the past twelve years Fight Amp has been rocking out and melting faces. During their run, the Philly based trio has toured with bands like EYEHATEGOD and Black Tusk and has released 9 albums. However, now they have decided to call it quits. Back in September the band announced that after 12 years they would be going on an indefinite hiatus and that they would be touring one last time together. The band plans to make stops in Ohio, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Philly, NYC and of course, Detroit.

Fight Amp will be hitting the stage at the Sanctuary this Sunday, November 6th. Joining them on the bill are Them Teeth and Wax. Admission to the show is only $10 at the door. Many of their other shows on this tour have already sold out. So we suggest that you get to this one early so you can guarantee that you get in the door.

We had a chance to chat with Jon DeHart and Mike McGinnis before they head to town this weekend. Check out what they had to say about the past 12 years and Sunday's show.

HID- When you guys started this band back in 2004, did you think you'd still be playing over a decade later?
Jon DeHart- "I can only speak for myself, but no, definitely not. We were so young and green when we first started that our only real goals were to get something pressed to vinyl and play some shows outside the Philly/NJ region. I don't think any of us could predict we'd end up clocking 12 years and touring across 15 different countries."

Mike McGinnis- "Yeah, and to add to Jon's points, not only was the longevity unpredictable, we weren't really thinking about the future at all at that point."

HID- Over the years you've played a lot of shows in a lot of cities. Are there any shows that stand out above the others as favorites?
JD- "There's been so many great shows with so many great bands, it's hard to pinpoint even just a few standouts, but over the last few years we got to tour with some of our favorite like-minded bands, and that's something that will always stick with me. Touring the US, Canada, and Europe with Black Tusk, tours with Ken Mode, Kowloon Walled City, Whores., Eyehategod... too many to mention... All the shows we got to play with bands that we admire and are inspired by will always be standouts for me."

HID- What was one of your favorite towns to play, other than Philly?
MM- "Again, too many to list here really. And a lot of towns changed so much during our time as a band that some were standouts early and not so much late... And vice versa. Off the top of my head, Baltimore, Seattle, Bay Area, Austin, Toronto, Hamburg, Antwerp, Atlanta, Berlin, Richmond... I could go on and on."

HID- Is there any one show that stands out as the worst ever?
JD- "There was only one show that I can remember where we were so wasted that we just fell apart onstage. We played the old Emo's in Austin years ago, we've always been good about recovering from mistakes or flubs during a song, but we were all so wrecked that night we couldn't keep it together, we were messing up bad enough to stop in the middle of songs (plural), missing cues, complete confusion all around in regards to the set list. About 4 songs in we just gave up and walked off stage completely defeated and surly. Worst set ever."

MM- "We were just talking about that night with our drummer at the time! To top it off we actually left the stage one at a time until just our drummer was left playing a song... Hahaha, so bad it was good."

HID- What's going to be the worst or hardest part about not playing in this band anymore?
MM- "I'd have to say just leaving these songs behind. There are a lot of tracks that spawned from so many different ideas that I'm still so stoked on, and knowing that we're finished playing them is a little tough. They'll always be there, recorded as artifacts, but playing them live always had a special energy attached to it."

HID- You guys mentioned that you plan to still play music. Do you alreadyhave new projects in the works?
MM- "Yes, we do. We can't say much yet but there's some stuff coming in the near future. All three of us are lifers and there's no shortage of ideas floating around in our heads. We're stoked for the future for sure."

HID- What do you want to say to your fans that have been with you since the beginning?
MM- "We can keep that simple here: Thank you so much! The people that showed us continued support mean the world to us and kept us going for those twelve years. We are humbled and grateful."

HID- What can people expect that come out to the Detroit show on the 6th?
JD- "People can expect the longest set we've ever played. We're cracking the 40 minute mark this time around!!!"

MM-  "Also some bad jokes from the general vicinity of the drum microphone."

HID- Anything else that you would like our readers to know?
MM- "Yes, our drummer Dan would like everyone to know that Krll walks among us. I disagree with that and think Krll is inside the Hollowed Out Moonbase. You decide."

The Sanctuary is located at 1501 E. Outer Drive in Detroit. All ages are welcome and doors are set to open at 8 p.m.


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