Friday, September 9, 2016

A New Spot to Get Awesome Pizza in Woodbridge

If you're looking for an awesome pizza pie look no further than Pie-Sci in Detroit! Located on Trumbull in Woodbridge, the pizza joint opened its doors at the end of the July. Although the restaurant just opened, you may have already tried their pies in the past. The crew behind Pie-Sci have been doing pop ups at neighboring Woodbridge Pub for quite some time now.

The new brick and mortar restaurant offers a variety of pies, categorized as Basics (Pizza Elementary), Complex (Pizza High), and Graduate (U of Pizza). The science and ingredients behind those pizzas are just as you'd expect. The Basics offer your more basic choices, like a Meat Lovers or Margherita. Complex gets a little crazier with the toppings and then Graduates are topped with choices that only an experienced pizza scientist would come up with. For instance, on our first trip to Pie-Sci, one of the Graduate pies that we gave a try was The ICP (Insane Cauliflower Pizza). This pizza pairs roasted cauliflower with feta, onions, jalapenos and balsamic to create a pie like you've never had before! It was different, but delicious. Definitely an awesome option for vegetarians and meat eaters alike.
Speaking of meat, the other pizza we ordered this time around was the Meat Lovers. Yeah, it's one of your more traditional pizzas, but Pie-Sci knocked it out of the park! Topped with pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon and thinly sliced ham, this was a great take on a classic. Both pizzas featured their signature red sauce and had an awesome crust that wasn't too thick, wasn't too thin, was just right.

Since we ordered two smalls, the pizzas were both round. However, all pizzas are available as round or square when you order a large. The square pizzas that were on the table next to us looked pretty amazing, so we might need to try that next time around. In addition to the normal menu, you can also build your own pie, or you can try their weekly special. Some of their specials so far have been the Lil' Kimchi, Brussel Crow and Take a Little Peach of My Heart. To find out what the latest special is, make sure you head over and "like" Pie-Sci on Facebook here.

Pie-Sci is open Monday thru Saturday, their hours are: Monday from 3 p.m. 'til Midnight, Tuesday-Thursday from 11 a.m. - 10 p.m., Friday from 11 a.m. 'til Midnight and Saturday from 3 p.m. until Midnight. The restaurant offers counter service and has both dine in and carryout options. On Fridays and Saturday, they also offer delivery via bicycle, a perfect option for Wayne State Students and people that live in Midtown.

This is an awesome new addition to Woodbridge that we hope you'll check out soon! Pie-Sci is located at 5163 Trumbull, just look for the red building across from the Wayne State Football field. For more info and to check out the menu, visit


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