Monday, February 23, 2015

Win Tickets to See Retox with Nice Hooves and Child Bite

Justin Pearson is a musician, a writer, a bassist, and in my opinion, one of the most well spoken and well written people of his generation. He has played in some amazing and influential projects, including Swing Kids, The Locust, The Crimson Curse, Holy Molar, Head Wound City, Ground Unicorn Horn, Brain Tourniquet, All Leather and his most recent project, Retox. He has written two books, From the Graveyard of the Arousal Industry and How to Lose Friends and Irritate People and he owns and operates Three One G Records, which he founded in 1994.

I have been a fan of Mr. Pearson's since his days with The Locust. In fact, I rocked a Locust belt buckle with skinny jeans for years after seeing the band play a set in a hot and sweaty bar in Tampa, Florida. It's been really inspiring to follow his career and I am personally looking forward to watching him take the stage at The Magic Stick this Friday, February 27th. I am especially excited because the opening acts are as solid as the headliner. Child Bite, Whores, and Nice Hooves will be opening this show. This is one of the shows that you show up to early and stay for the long hall.  

Tickets are only $10 in advance and $12 at the door. We also had the opportunity to talk to Mr, Pearson and ask a few questions about his career, Retox, and his writing. We cannot thank Black Iris Booking enough. Thanks for bringing us this awesome lineup  and thanks for helping us connect with Justin!  Check out what he had to say and make sure to be at the Stick at 8 p.m. sharp!

HID- Who influenced you to start playing music? How old were you when you picked up your first instrument?
Justin Pearson- "I was aware of my interest in music as early as five years old. But it wasn’t 'til I met the Cramps when I was twelve that I realized I wanted to play music. I got my first bass at the age of fifteen, when I discovered Nomeansno."

HID- Where was the new record Beneath California recorded? How long did the process take? What song off the new album is your personal favorite?
Justin Pearson- "We tracked in San Diego with Ben Moore, and it was produced in Portland by Brent Asbury at Beta Patrol. There were breaks here and there but if all the studio time was compressed, it would come out to a couple weeks I suppose. As far as a personal fav, I would go with “Let’s Not Keep In Touch”."

HID- Why did you decide to release the new album on Epitaph Records? I have read that you are not a fan of a lot of the other bands on the label, is this true?
Justin Pearson- "I’ve been working with Epitaph since 2003, with The Locust, Some Girls, and now Retox. I’ll be honest, I am not a fan of the general roster of Epitaph. But I am really into Anti, which is who The Locust signed with and is a subsidiary of Epitaph. But I realized that both labels are technically the same and not only are they really good to the bands, but I love the people who work there, and they really are good to me and the projects I am part of. As for the bulk of the artists on the label, yes, my personal opinion is that it’s garbage. But there certainly are some gems among the pile… Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, The Blood Brothers."

HID- I love the video for "Without Money We'd All Be Rich", where was it filmed? How did you get those children to hang out with the spiders?
Justin Pearson- "The video was filmed by Dennis Bersales in the Philippians, where he lives. I believe one of the kids is related to Dennis and the others are homeless children from the community. But where it was filmed, there is a sort of “sport” where the spiders are used in fights against each other and then wager on the fights. There was a better explanation here:"

HID- What inspired you to start writing books?
Justin Pearson- "Well, I started writing for various blogs, just documenting stories and things I was part of, and it somehow morphed into writing a book. I was encouraged by John Waters to do so and well, I suppose that did it for me. But I also just like to tell stories, and I think that over all, it’s another means of art, which I have to do, for myself, for my well being, or sanity."

HID- How do you write? What is your process?
Justin Pearson- "I write a few different ways. With the book stuff, it’s usually focusing on a story or stories. But I also do a good amount of lyric writing as well. With the lyrical stuff, it’s typically a general idea and the use of metaphors as well as a certain language, or style if you will, to create a story, but with the use of rhythm and percussion in consideration."

HID- So far you have released two books. Are there plans to release more in the future?
Justin Pearson- "There are a few ideas that I am trying to tackle, but I have just been extremely busy with other stuff I have on my plate. But yes, in due time, I am certain I will write more books. "

HID- Do you have an fond memories or horror stories from your past visits to Detroit?
Justin Pearson- "I have played some really great shows there in the past with The Locust, Retox, All Leather, and Some Girls. But also, just been able to hang out with cool people and friends from there. I have been to some “haunted” buildings there, which was amusing."

HID- What is your favorite Simpsons character and why?
Justin Pearson- "This is a hard one. While I would identify with Lisa, and her social politics and consciousness, I think I also appreciate Homer a lot as well. But I would like to avoid the specific question and just say that the subversiveness of the show is easily one of the best tools for modern society and easing change in ways that a lot of people may not even be aware of. It’s a brilliant show nonetheless."

He picked Lisa! Wow, I think I like him even more.

Thanks to our friends at Black Iris Booking, we are also giving away a pair of tickets to this show! To enter, please send your full name to with Retox in the subject. We will draw one lucky winner on Friday morning. See you at the show!


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