Sunday, February 1, 2015

Royal Oak's SCOUT Solves Your Gift-Giving Dilemmas

After more than five years of bringing whimsy to Royal Oak homes and beyond, SCOUT has solidified its reputation as a destination for stylish and thoughtful gifts. I posed five frequent gift-giving conundrums to Scout’s Pam McLenon and Gregory Ducharme. Below are their charming and spot-on suggestions.

You’re welcome.

KT: I am terrible at remembering housewarming gifts and usually pick something up on the way to a friend’s new place (don’t tell anyone!) What do you think is a fool-proof housewarming gift?
SCOUT: Candles and a bottle of bubbly are always our go-to solution for warming a new home. In addition to creating an inviting space, candles can be calming and help to combat the stresses of moving. You never know what somebody may need in their home, but everybody can benefit from a beautiful candle every once in a while. Our personal favorites are Bourbon by Jonathan Adler (42), Rosewood & Musk by Wary Meyers (32), and we’re just gushing over the Red Currant, our latest arrival by Votivo (28).

KT: Valentine’s Day is approaching. What’s a good gift for a girl that you've been dating for less than 6 months? You want to show her you like her, but not appear like a stalker.
SCOUT: While you may not be ready to drop the L-bomb, jewelry is still a great option for a lady you’re keen on. Since things are still fresh, it’s not necessary to spend a ton on that little robin’s egg blue box. In fact, a design-conscious gal will swoon over the juxtaposition of heavy metals and organic crystals by jewelry designer Therese Keumpel (black prism necklace 82, caged quartz necklace 78, quartz point necklace 50).

KT: Same question as above, but a gift for a guy?
SCOUT: Let’s face it, everybody loves a good-smelling gentleman. As Christopher Brosius, the nose behind the cult olfactory brand CB I HATE PERFUME describes it, “Smell is perhaps the most complex sense we possess...none of the other senses can touch us so profoundly as scent.” CB’s perfumes are based on the creator’s fondest memories, and with unique titles such as ‘Burning Leaves’ and ‘Patchouli Empire’, your man will certainly remember this Valentine’s Day (cb ‘burning leaves’ perfume 100, cb ‘patchouli empire’ perfume 115).

KT: What gift would you give to show a new mom you know she’ll stay a cool chick and never wear mom jeans and cross trainers?
SCOUT: Just because you’re welcoming a little one into your life doesn’t mean you have to compromise your own taste. At Scout, we aim to promote gifts that are practical, with a nod to design and construction, which is why we always suggest these wood blocks by Uncle Goose as a gift for expecting parents. They’re beautifully made with sophisticated graphics and themes that are also educational (love blocks 21, koi blocks 52, alphabet factory blocks 72, Alexander Girard blocks 100, united states blocks 100).

KT: If you’re meeting your significant other’s parents, who are a little (or a lot!) more conservative than you are, what should you bring?
SCOUT: It’s always important to start off your relationship with your potential ‘in-laws’ on the right foot, so naturally we recommend the Jonathan Adler vice canisters, (just make sure they’re filled to the brim with their implied contents, since you’ll all need it). No, I’m kidding. We usually opt for the Food Slab fieldstone cutting boards when meeting the ‘rents. It’s classic, useful, and handmade from organic materials, what’s not to like? (Adler uppers canister 98, Adler downers canister 128, cutting board 65).


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