Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Coming to You From The Future- Here's FLASHCLASH

It's only Tuesday and as usual, we are already focused on the fun we'll be having this weekend. Like most Metro Detroiters we are very much ‘working for the weekend.'
The plan was to think up some witty commentary on FLASHCLASH so I could charm you into coming out to the Magic Bag in Ferndale this Friday to see them perform. But, after a long Monday of all work and no play I just want to be real with you.
FLASHCLASH is going to be different than anything that you have ever seen- period. I could to go into details about the set, the costumes, the girls, the dancing, the videos, the lights, but I cant even begin to describe it. I just know that I couldn't stop smiling the last time I saw them...for hours!
The time traveling Anthropomorphists, Bryce Carroll-Coe and Yorg Kerasiotis, take you into the future and show you something you have never seen, heard or expierenced before.
I had the opportunity to speak with Bryce and asked him about what to expect from their show, and his answers perfectly capture what is so special about them.

HipInDetroit: What are your biggest musical influences?

Bryce: Our musical influences range from century to century and throughout all dimensions. We constantly find new music and inspiration everywhere the FLASHCLASH takes us. Being here now in your time, we've found some really amazing stuff- M83, Phantogram, Stepdad, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Neon Indian, Keep Shelly in Athens, Memory Tapes, Class Actress, Arial Pink, and so many others I couldn't even imagine naming them all. This time period gives us so much to work with and take back to 2987.

HipInDetroit: Favorite thing about playing live/worst part about playing live? 

Bryce: Our favorite thing about playing live is the fact that in this dimension and time period, we actually get to play live. In the future music is a crime. Art is a crime. Free speech and thinking are a crime. Having the capabilities to travel time and come back to a time when live music is not only allowed, but supported, is the ultimate dream come true. If only our fellow Anthropomorphists could see this and dance with the rest of you. No such thing as a bad thing when it comes to playing live music. 

HipInDetroit: How long does it take you to set up your full set?

Bryce: Our full show with projection, lights and sound takes anywhere from 2 1/2 hours to 4 hours to set up. It depends mainly on the venue and how many hands we have helping. There are magnet based lifting tools in the future, but we couldn't get them through the portal. The magnets could send us off course so, we have to do the lifting and set up by hand.

HipInDetroit: Will you be shirtless part of show, most of show, or all of show?? Can we expect costume changes like last time?

Bryce: I'm gonna leave my shirtless status to the imagination. I might be. I might not be. I've got lots of battle scars from the war being waged on our people. If the crowd is feeling me then I might just be feeling them. I can almost guarantee uniform changes. It's tough to start the new set without the space suits we travel in. They have a futuristic polymer that allows us to travel safely through the portal and the music reacts directly to their physical make-up.

HipInDetroit: How did u form FLASHCLASH and what was the inspiration behind it?

Bryce: FLASHCLASH was formed out of necessity, really. We have been fighting the Holt for centuries, and they've taken all that defines us as a nation and people away from us. Art, music and freedom of thought. Through the historical documents we realized that the one unifying art form from the 20th and 21st centuries is music. We had to find a way to learn music, find the means to play music, and find a way to get it to our people. Being here now, in this time period, is giving us hope that we'll be able to bring joy, unity and peace to our people

HipInDetroit: Favorite Detroit venue to see a show or play at?

Bryce: So far our time here in Detroit has been limited. We have to constantly go back to 2987 to make sure that the Holt doesn't realize the Generals of the Anthropomorphists are gone. They might become suspicious and start looking for us. If they knew we discovered the FLASHCLASH and were looking for the means to inspire our people to fight, there would be severe repercussions. We have to continue to keep the Holt in the dark as to protect our people. But, Detroit is an amazing city with infinite styles and venues of different styles. With the eclectic nature of this city we continue to find inspiration and drive to take it back to our people.
Photo Credit: Joe Gall
To prepare yourself for Friday, check out their new video here:


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