Wednesday, January 25, 2012

¡Mmm...tacos! ¡Ole!

I decided to try something a little outside of the box for lunch yesterday. There is a new restaurant in Warren at Van Dyke & 14 Mile called Mestizo. It's menu has both Mexican  & Soul Food on it. With that combination of food, I expected some weird little dumpy restaurant, but was pleasantly surprised when we got there. You wouldn't expect Mac 'n Cheese to go so well with Cactus Tacos! It was delicious. And the waiter was pretty awesome too.

Mestizo had a huge variety of food. To go along with their slogan, "Mexican Food with Soul", The menu has 2 parts - Soul Food and Mexican, which is pretty authentic. The entrees are a pretty average priced (ranging from about $7-$12), but you can get 2 tacos for an unbeatable $2.50. Now when I say authentic, I mean they don't have any of that hard shell taco nonsense. Only corn tortillas (yum!) or flour tortillas, but they have some pretty interesting options for the the fillings. 

On our trip, I had the Tacos Nopales which had sauteed cactus, peppers & onions, and had crumbled pork rinds on top. Along side, I tried the mac 'n cheese. The mac 'n cheese doesn't quite compare to Slows. It's different, but it's still really cheesy and delicious. 

Unfortunately I didn't snap any pictures of my tasty food (What was I thinking!?!?), but luckily their Facebook page has tons of pictures, as well as their menu!

All in all, the restaurant itself is really nice and clean and new. If you are looking for delicious Mexican cuisine with a twist, this is the place for you! 


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