Tuesday, August 23, 2022

It's Time to Dally in the Alley!


Dally in the Alley is one of our all-time favorite Detroit events. For one day, a small section of Cass Corridor shuts down and people gather to shop local, eat local, drink local, and listen to music. We usually get to see the Detroit Party Marching Band during our adventures and we always find something new that we didn't know about. 

This year's Dally will take place on September 10, 2022. The alley opens at 11 a.m. and stays open for exactly 12 hours.

 Check out this year's musical lineup:

Music Lineup:

Garden Stage:
11:15 Lost Aliens
12:15 The Hourlies
1:15 Burn mARALAGO
2:15 Caveman & Bam Bam
4:15 Tony Paris & the Sugarburn
6:15 The Honey Pot
7:15 Milk Bath
8:15 Toeheads
9:15 The Hand

Forest Stage:
11:30 Té LaSalle
12:30 Strictly Fine
1:30 Karanjis Soulwater Band
2:30. White Bee
3:30 Valerie Barrymore & Foundation of Funk
4:30. Tart
5:30 BPMusic
6:30. Gwenyth Hayes
7:30 Scolla
8:30. Armani Monte’
9:30 313 The Hard Way

Alley Stage:
12:00 Mirror Monster
1:00 Tangle Parade
2:00 Suburban Knight
3:00 The Indigo Curve
4:00 Matthew Milia
5:00 Twin Deer
6:00 Century Babes
7:00 Handgrenades
8:00 Jah Connery
9:00 Flowz4daze
10:00 J.Santino
*Lighting by Lightshow Bob

West Beer Garden:
12-2: Caleb
2-4: JEM
4-5: Adje
5-6:30: Dr. Poppers
6:30-8: Tyler
8:00-9:30:Perish + Xan Bishop
9:30-11: Jeffrey Woodward
East Beer Garden:
3-4:30: Isaac Prieto
4:30-6: Matthew Jay
6-7:30: Neil V
7:30-8:30: Joe Hix
8:30-9:30: ADMN
9:30-11: Buzz Goree 

To stay hip to all things Dally visit their website or follow them on socials


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