Friday, June 17, 2022

The Suicide Machines are Releasing a New Split with Coquettish!


Today, two ska-punk bands from two different sides of the world have teamed up to drop some new music. Detroit's own The Suicide Machines and Toyko's Coquettish have come together to release a new split titled Gebo Gomi. We had to do a little Googling, but it seems like the translation for that title is either Vomit Garbage or Throw Up Garage, which makes sense once you see the cool artwork for the record. Gebo Gomi is being released by Bad Time Records and is 9 songs total, 4 from TSM and 5 from Coquettish. This split was mixed by Jon Graber (NOFX, Goldfinger, We Are The Union). It goes on sale today and will officially be released on 7/29/2022. 

The new tracks are heavy, angry, and somehow still catchy as hell. The Suicide Machines have always been able to capture the perfect amount of anger and joy, something that makes their songs and their energy special. Give The Suicide Machines' new single "Awake" from the split a listen below. 

You can purchase your copy of the new split here. You can keep up with everything The Suicide machines are doing here, you can follow Coquettish here and you can follow Bad Times Records here.
The Suicide Machines photo credit Rae Mystic


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