Thursday, May 12, 2022

Experience Art at the Source and Shop Local at The Backyard Art Fair

Over the last two years, we have learned a lot about ourselves and what we need to enjoy this adventure we call life. It turns out that art, culture, connection, and our local communities matter. When people found out they had to keep away from each other, they found new ways to connect and create. We Zoomed, we did things outdoors, and we tried to find the things we needed locally instead of waiting for the delivery driver to drop them off. One of the coolest things that came out of the lockdown was a new way of doing old things, including local maker events. 

The Backyard Art Fair was created by local artists Kelly Kaatz Ceramics and Carey Gustafson of Glass Action! for people who appreciate locally made and want to get out and see their community. This second-year festival brings together artists by giving them the opportunity to go on an adventure to find something special and unique. This year's fair will feature "approximately 20 locations, hosting over 55+ creatives (that) will be selling their work at their (or their hosts) homes and studios (outdoors) in the connecting cities of Ferndale and Oak Park. Offerings for sale will span handcrafted goods such as paintings, ceramics, glass, illustration, and folk art to locally grown and prepared baked goods, flower bouquets, fermented treats; even a hot dog stand and coffee!". Local artist Jodi Lynn Doodles has drawn up a map of all the locations to make it easy to find each one. You can follow along with the event and learn more about the participating artist by adding them on Instagram or Facebook

Keep it local and have a little fun exploring Ferndale and Oak Park on May 21st.


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