Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Keep It Classic with Cass Cafe

Over the last 10 years, Detroit has seen an explosion of new and delicious restaurants and culinary experiences take over the dining scene. We have so many opportunities to try something new that we find ourselves forgetting about some of the staples that got us through all the years when there weren't so many unique places to try in Detroit. To course-correct, we revisited one of our old school Cass Corridor staples, the Cass Cafe.
Cass Cafe originally opened its doors in 1993. They have always showcased local artists and were one of the only places to feature vegan/vegetarian options on the menu in the early aughts, and although they recently switched up the management in the kitchen, they continue to serve up some of the same great things that we went there for a decade ago. This includes the Cass Ave. Grilled Cheese, the Lentil Burger, and the Motor City Fish & Chips. They also stuck to their guns and kept their no TV policy, which in 2022 is rare and welcomed. What we're trying to say is that this classic Cass Ave. spot is just as good if not better than we remember. Plus, they have a nice little patio for sunny brunches over the summer.
Photo borrowed from Cass Cafe's Facebook

If it's been a while since you stopped by Cass Cafe, it's time to revisit. You can book a reservation online and find a parking spot using the guide here. You can find Cass Cafe's hours here.


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