Thursday, April 28, 2022

Say Hello to Trap Vegan

Once upon a time, going vegan was a lifetime sentence of eating Boca burgers and salads without cheese every time you went to a restaurant. Being vegan and eating out used to be hard, but being vegan in 2022 is downright easy and somewhat gluttonous. There are so many great restaurants cooking up good vegan options throughout Metro Detroit and a few special places that keep it 100% plant-based. 
Trap Vegan is the latest local vegan spot to take our breath away. They specialize in the classics, meaning burgers and fries. They pair this with some specials and a variety of smoothies and fresh juices to give diners a well-rounded yummy and unique experience that you can't have anywhere else. They are small and family-owned, and mostly there for the to-go crowd. Sure, they have a couple of chairs in their space, but it's the kind of place that you want to order in advance and grab when you want something quick and yummy. Their burgers and sliders feature a unique mixture of ingredients, including special sauces and onion rings. They also have tons of sides, including tots, sweet potato fries, and of course the classic curly fry. Most importantly, everything is 100% vegan and plant-based. We were pleasantly surprised by the options, portions, and service and how good we felt after eating there. Sure we had a burger and fries, but it wasn't greasy and it didn't weigh us down or make us want to go to bed. 

Trap Vegan is a few blocks south of 8 Mile on Livernois. If you live in Ferndale, it's only a few minutes outside of the city and it's worth the short trip. It's different than anywhere else in town and it's really good!


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