Thursday, February 3, 2022

Union Assembly Brings Good Vibes and Good Food to the Foxtown District

Union Assembly is one of the newest restaurants to hit the Detroit Food Scene in the past year. This is the latest addition for Union Joints, the same team that brought you favorites like Vinstetta Garage and Union Woodshop. The restaurant is located below the new Little Caesars' headquarters, on Woodward between The Fillmore and The Fox. As you're walking up to the restaurant, you can see how this new building has created yet another transformation in the area, because what was once a roundabout and parking area between it and The Fox is now a walkable area, with lights strung above and storefronts on either side. The restaurant opened in September of last year, but its opening was overshadowed by the opening of Mom's Spaghetti, which is actually located inside of Union Assembly. But, we're sure you've heard enough about Eminem's pop-up, so we will leave that for another time. 

When you first step inside Union Assembly, you will fall in love with the décor before you even get to the food! Just as with all of Union Joints' restaurants, the design of Union Assembly was planned out to every last detail. Overall, there is a retro vibe. The restaurant is actually three stories high, with different sections each varying a bit. Some areas have a diner feel, while others have curved vintage inspired booths, making you feel like you're at an exclusive club in the '70s. On the second level, there is a photo booth where you can snap a picture with your friends, and booths that are in tiled coves that are reminiscent of the tilework seen at the Belle Isle Aquarium. Vintage speakers and radios are included in the décor, and everything down to the restrooms is impeccably designed. Visiting Union Assembly makes you feel like you time traveled and are eating at a fun restaurant you found while on vacation. 


If the ambiance at Union Assembly didn't already win you over when you walked in the door, the food definitely will! The menu includes burgers & sandwiches, Detroit style pizza, and flavorful entrees. Of course, it also includes the famous Union Mac & Cheese as well. On our first visit, we started out with the Cheesy Toad-In-A-Hole, which was burrata with heirloom tomato jam, fried green tomato, Texas toast, and pesto butter, and was just enough to get both of our appetites really going. For dinner, we had the Pan Roasted Salmon and the Wild Mushroom Pesto Tagliatelle. Both entrees were plentiful and absolutely delicious! (We've been thinking about the Wild Mushroom pasta since we left and might have to go get some after writing this...) Although we were stuffed, we had to split a dessert and opted for the Vegan Raspberry Sage Hand Pie. This was almost like homemade Pop-Tarts, and there were two on the plate, so it was perfect for splitting. At the next table over, the customers came in just for dessert, which in their case was the Chocolate Bomb. If it was good enough for them to make the trip for just that, we definitely need to give it a try next time! 

Union Assembly's menu includes a variety of vegetarian items as well as some vegan and gluten free items too. Some of the things that we look forward to trying on our future visits include, the Roasted Cauliflower Steak (vegan), the fancy Grilled Cheese (which can be made vegan), Warm Acorn Squash (vegan), Fries & Dip, Devilish Eggs, and of course pizza. We obviously are really looking forward to going back soon! There is really something for everyone on this menu, whether you're looking for a snack before a game or a nice dinner out. 

As we mentioned, you can find Union Assembly between The Fox and The Fillmore across from Comerica Park at 2131 Woodward Ave. The restaurant is currently open Monday - Thursday from 5-10 p.m., Friday from 5-11 p.m., Saturday from 4-11 p.m., and Sunday from 3-9 p.m. We suggest making reservations in advance just in case, although it wasn't super busy when we visited on a Sunday evening. Reservations can be made at


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