Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Connect with Animals at The Barn Sanctuary

We know we usually cover all things hip in Detroit, but this week we needed a break. We wanted to get out and do something productive and helpful in our community. So, we tagged along with local vegan activist Jessica Haze on her bi-weekly volunteer visit to The Barn Sanctuary in Chelsea, Michigan to put in some work. By putting in some work, we mean scooping some poop, cleaning some coups, and helping take care of as many daily chores as we could during her shift.

The Barn Sanctuary is a non-profit animal sanctuary that provides a safe haven to abused and neglected farm animals in need. They are currently home to over 100 cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks, sheep, and goats. Their goal is to ensure the highest possible quality of life, the best medical care, and an enriched, clean, and safe forever home to the farm animals that they rescue while promoting a plant-based lifestyle and highlighting the unique personalities and stories of everyone who lives and works at the barn. This means that you can fall in love with all of the rescues and stay up to date on their stories by following them on Facebook, Insta, and YouTube.  

You can also make your own trek to the sanctuary when you are ready for a break from the city. There are two ways that you can make this happen. You can either book an interactive and educational tour of the facility or sign up to join their roster of volunteers. The Barn Sanctuary runs seasonal tours throughout the Fall, Spring, and Summer and they offer private tours, school tours, and group tours. Forget the zoo, this is the up close and personal visit with farm animals that you are looking for.

You can also help Barn Sanctuary take care of their rescues and fulfill their mission by making a donation to their non-profit. We personally witnessed how much hay, food, water, and tools it takes to make sure that every one of these animals has the love and care that they deserve. This means that they also need all the financial help that they can get.

Thanks for letting us visit and connect with the animals.

Learn more about The Barn Sanctuary HERE.

Make a donation to the Barn Sanctuary HERE.

Apply to volunteer at The Barn Sanctuary HERE.

Inquire about visiting The Barn Sanctuary HERE.


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