Monday, June 29, 2020

Stay Safe and Have Some Fun at a Drive-In Movie this Summer

It's been over four months since COVID-19 changed the way that we live. We are wearing masks, keeping our distance, and finding new ways to get together and share experiences without risking each other's health. Instead of dining in, we are eating outside on patios or ordering take-out. Instead of gyms, we are going on long bike rides and walks. And instead of movie theatres, we are revisiting the magic of drive-in movies.

Drive-in movies were created in the1930s. The idea was that you could drive-in and watch a movie in the privacy of your own car using a speaker that was mounted by the window. Their attendance spiked after World War II and they were the most popular form of entertainment in the 1950s and 1960s. Their sales finally started to decline in the 1970s and '80s with the expansion of home entertainment. This included color television, cable tv, and movie rentals. In fact, most drive-ins had disappeared by the turn of the century. Sitting in your car wasn't as ideal as sitting on your couch until your couch became the only place you could sit and watch a movie.  

COVID-19 has refocused people's attention on drive-in movies as a great way to get out without putting yourself at risk. Plus, if you pick the right film, it can be a good time for everyone in the car, including the kids. There are currently three Metro Detroit drive-ins that are showing films this summer. One is located in Flint, one in Dearborn, and another in Plymouth. All three theatres have adapted to make sure that they are extra safe during COVID-19. This includes using a radio frequency to hear the movie instead of sharing speakers and requiring all visitors to wear a face mask if they use the restrooms or stop by the concession stands. Tickets are selling out fast, especially because they are only letting people park in every other spot to make things extra safe. So, if you need to get out without risking your safety, get your tickets for a movie in advance to ensure that they save a spot for you.

Here are links to all three theatres;

Ford Drive-In in Dearborn

In addition to these drive-in theatres, there are also some pop-up drive-in theatres around town. These venues will have limited showings.

Macomb County Drive-In Movies at Freedom Hill

Canterbury Drive-In Movies


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