Thursday, June 25, 2020

Play a Song with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Music brings people together. A great party song helps us celebrate the good times and a sad ballad helps us cope with the hardest moments in life. You can appreciate a good tune in any language and a great beat will get anyone dancing. Music is so transcendent it is often used as a way to get people to connect to create something. It is especially useful during difficult times like the ones that we are going through right now.

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra understands the power of music and they want to use it to create something beautiful during a time of so much stress and unsureness. To do this they are asking musicians of all skill levels from all over the world to take the time to record themselves performing an arrangement of the central theme in Gustav Holst’s “Jupiter” from The Planets — put together by composer and DSO cellist Jeremy Crosmer with lyrics by Meaghan Heinrich. To do this, you can download the music, film yourself recording your own version of the song, and submit it. You can find everything you need to do that here. They even have some helpful tips to help you film a good video. All videos must be submitted by July 3rd. Please watch the powerful video they recorded to explain the project. It is nice to see so the DSO proudly saying that Black Lives Matter. It is also cool to think that your music might end up in a video with the world-famous DSO!


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