Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Hook and Eye Wants You To Slow Down Your Fashion Game And Get the Right Fit

Fashion is ever changing. Styles, fabrics, cuts, and draping change with each passing trend. We went from being a society of people who only owned a few pieces of clothing to people who have hundreds of pieces of cheaply made clothing that we wear once or twice and then throw away. In fact, the fast fashion industry is the second biggest polluter on the plant, producing over 100 tons of waste a year with no signs of stopping. What's even more shocking is that 85% of the clothing that we buy eventually ends up in landfills. We also buy about double the amount of clothes that we used to and we keep it less time than ever before. Many researchers now say that it would take around 12 years to recycle what the fashion industry currently creates in just 24 hours. We are making more clothing than we can consume and it's costing our plant more then we could ever imagine. This cost is pushing a lot of people to reexamine how they buy clothing. A lot of people are going back to the old way of spending a little more money on a nicer piece that will last you through hundreds of washes. Others are a re-embracing thrift store, vintage, and resale shopping as a way to reduce our consumption by embracing what's already there. 
Hook and Eye is one of the newest stores in Metro Detroit to embrace the idea of slow fashion. Their new boutique is located on 9 Mile in Ferndale. The space features a curated collection of vintage fashion finds from every decade nicely displayed throughout the store by style, type size color.  They have a wide variety of items including dresses, jacket, purses, shoes, hats and more.  They also carry a few great local brands like Eat Da Rich. But, they also have one extra feature that makes this particular vintage shop extra special, they are also a full-service tailor. Vintage clothing can be great but there are so many times that I wish I could get things tailored to fit the right way so that I can keep wearing them for years after I bring them home with me. I also find lots of great pieces that need a little extra something to ensure that I keep wearing after their purchase date. You can purchase items at their space and get them altered or bring in items from other spaces that you want to make fit just right. Tailoring is a dying service and something that can completely change how you dress.  Plus, every time you alter something instead of buying something new, you're stopping a cycle that needs to end. 
Hook and Eye is located at 243 East 9 Mile in Ferndale. They are open Tuesday-Sunday and the tailor is on site Wednesday through Sunday. They sell some of their finds online, but we suggest that you should just go by the store and see it for yourself.  


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