Monday, June 17, 2019

Detroit's River Days Celebration will Bring the World's Biggest Food Truck Rally to Detroit this Weekend

Detroit's annual River Days Festival will return to the waterfront for three days this weekend. This annual celebration of the city's beautiful riverfront was started in 2007 to commemorate the renovations that were made at the turn of the century, but as the city has grown, so has the festival. This year, the three-day celebration will feature music, food, and lots of different activities for kids. It will also feature the largest food truck gathering that anyone in the world has ever seen. The fun will kick off this Friday, June 21st with free admission from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. After that, it will be $5 to get into the festival for the rest of the weekend. Here's an easy to use guide to everything you want to know about the 2019 River Days celebration.

Festival Hours-

11 am until 10 pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Free from 11 am until 5 pm, on Friday.

Over 100 food trucks will be coming together for three days. Every person who pays $5 to get into the festival gets a $3 food voucher to use at the food truck rally. Plus, all of the extra food will be donated to local shelters after the fest! You can see the full list of food trucks that will be coming here.

For the Kids:

For Everyone:

Musical Lineup:

Soaring Eagle Stage

Friday, June 21-

5:00 PM-Luther Re-Lives     
6:45 PM-Mary Jane Girls     
8:30 PM-Smokey Robinson

Saturday, June 22-

5:00 PM-Notorious
6:45 PM-Brian McKnight
9:00 PM-Brandy

Sunday, June, 23-

5:30 PM-Brielle
7:15 PM-Carl Thomas
8:30 PM-Faith Evans

Michigan Lottery Stage-

Friday, June 21-

11:15 AM-Ceolsige    
12:15 PM-Alex Mendenall     
1:00 PM-Tuskegee Airmen Museum Airshow
2:00 PM-Vespre
3:30 PM-Lady Champagne     
5:00 PM-313 The Live Experience
6:45 PM-Laura Rain & The Caesars   
8:30 PM-Dennis Coffey

Saturday, June 22-

11:15 AM-Acoustic Ash
12:45 PM-Random Facts
2:15 PM-Flexadecibel
3:30 PM-Tuskegee Airmen Museum Airshow
4:30 PM-Cast Iron Cornbread
6:00 PM-Matt Austin
7:30 PM-Detroit Trouble
9:00 PM-Big Pappa & The Machine

Sunday, June 23-

11:15 AM-Emma Guzman
12:45 PM-Honey Monsoon
2:15 PM-The Meltdowners
3:30 PM-Tuskegee Airmen Museum Airshow
4:30 PM-Fangs & Twang
6:00 PM-Mark Whalen & The Buttermilk Boys
7:30 PM-Priscilla Price & Friends 
9:00 PM-Roots Vibrations

Metro by T-Mobile Stage-

Friday, June 21-

11:45 AM-Jill Govan
1:00 PM-Tuskegee Airmen Museum Airshow
2:30 PM-CHIT!
4:15 PM-Sara Marie Barron
6:00 PM-Motown 60 at 6
7:30 PM-Alise King
9:00 PM-Larry Lee & Back in the Day Band

Saturday, June 22-

11:30 AM-Lia K Catallo
1:00 PM-3rd Degree Burns
3:30 PM-Tuskegee Airmen Museum Airshow
4:30 PM-IS Evolution
6:00 PM-Motown 60 at 6
7:30 PM-Adventures with Vultures
9:00 PM-Eliza Neals & The Narcotics

Sunday, June 23-

11:30 AM-Athens Creek
2:30 PM-Denise Davis & The Motor City Sensations
3:30 PM-Tuskegee Airmen Museum Airshow
4:30 PM-Half Light Music
6:00 PM-Motown 60 at 6
7:30 PM-Todd Michael Band
9:00 PM-Killer Flamingos

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