Monday, May 29, 2017

Watch The Creative Process Live and In Person for 48 Hours

The art community keeps growing which means that events that they are hosting keep getting more and more interesting. This weekend, one of our favorite Detroit artists, Tony Rave, will be gathering a group of artists for the 48 HR Experience.  This is a two day event where artists are put into a pressure cooker with other artists to create a entire new collection in 48 hours. We reached out to tony to learn a little more about the project.  Check out what he has to say and then stop by the gallery during the creative process or the opening party to see what these artists do.  

HID- How did you get involved with the 48 hour project?
Tony Rave- "I thought of this concept will painting under pressure one night. I was thinking of how cool it would be to create a body of work within a small amount of time with the artists that I admire. I talked it out with Wayne Ramocan (shout out to OneFreq) and we made it happen baby."

HID- So explain to us how this works, do the artists stay up and work 48 hours prior to the opening? Do we watch you create during the 48 hours, or do you create the works at some prior time and place and display them at the gallery opening?
Tony Rave- "The artists enter TYP collection May 31st @ noon and the 48hr clock starts. They are not allowed to leave the collection for any extended amount of time during the next 48hrs. They have 48hrs to create a brand new body of work. During this time people will be able to stop by and witness these artist create. After the 48hrs are over they stop creating and they go home. The work the artist created is collected then we prepared for the opening night on June 3rd."

HID- Do you stay up and create for 48 hours straight?
Tony Rave- "The artists have the option to stay up for 48hrs but if they need a nap they have to nap in the collection."

HID- Do you break to eat and hang or is it all business?
Tony Rave- "Yes all the artists have time to walk outside the collection, get some fresh air and enjoy beautiful downtown Birmingham but they have to stay close to the collection. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided for all artists. It is the perfect balance of business and pleasure."

HID- What is the TYP Collection?
Tony Rave- "TYP Collection (261 E. Merrill, Birmingham MI) serves as artist TYPs home studio, a premier rental space for events, and (primarily) a gallery/showroom to showcase TYPs own work as well as other artists whose style he connects with."

HID- How were the artists that are participating in this show chosen to be part of the event/show/gallery?
Tony Rave- "We sent out a call for artists last year and these are the artists we picked from that process."

HID- Are all of the artist painters or will people be working in different mediums? 
Tony Rave- "Most of the artist in the 48hr are painters but we do have a few artist using different mediums."

HID- Will the works be for sale at the event?
Tony Rave- "Yes all the work will be for sale on June 3rd."

Painting: May 31st at Noon (48 hours following)

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