Friday, May 12, 2017

An Interview with Red City Radio and a Chance to Win Tickets to Their Show!

Red City Radio spent some time touring over in Europe earlier this year, but now their back in the U.S. and on the road for a spring tour. This span of dates will take them thru the Midwest, into Canada and over to the East Coast and this week one of those stops is right here in Detroit. They will be hitting the stage at The Magic Stick this Sunday, May 14th along with their tour mates The Bombpops and Russian Girlfriends, and Skating Polly will also be joining them for this show. 

We had a chance to chat with bassist Jonathan Knight of Red City Radio before the head to town this week. Check out what he had to say, then read ahead to find out how you can win tickets to Sunday's show! 
HID- What made you want to play music? 
Jonathan Knight of Red City Radio- I can’t exactly pinpoint the exact moment. I just remember at around age 9 or 10 I pleaded with my mother to take piano lessons. I did that for a couple years, and then eventually went on to play trumpet in middle school. At around 14 years old, a friend’s older brother handed me a guitar… and it was all rock and roll from then on."

HID- What inspires you to keep writing, recording, touring and playing live? 
Jonathan"The thing that keeps us doing this to this day is the thrill of connecting to an audience and making any sort of positive impact on the listener. It’s amazing that no matter what chaos is going on in our respective worlds, that for those moments, everything is alright."

HID- Describe the perfect live show? 
Jonathan"The elements that make a good show a good show are positive vibes, singalongs, and energy that is reciprocated from the audience to the stage. Oh, and the money. All the money."

HID- What makes your live show special? 
Jonathan"I think we do a good job of engaging the crowd. Making them feel like singing along with us is not only welcomed, but encouraged. The one thing we hang our hat on is our vocal dynamic. It’s a lot of fun for all 4 of us to sing together every night."

HID- Are you going to be releasing any new music this year? 
Jonathan- "We might have a couple new songs to tease you with in the next couple of months. Keep those ears to the ground."

Red City Radio actually just released one of those new songs a couple of weeks ago. Give their new single "If You Want Blood (Be My Guest)" a listen below.

Tickets for Sunday's show are only $12 in advance. You can pick yours up online here. Thanks to Black Iris Booking we are also giving away a pair of tickets to this show. Plus, as an added bonus, the winner will also get a t-shirt from Red City Radio! To enter to win this prize pack, send your name over to with #RCR in the subject line. We will draw one lucky winner on Sunday morning and will send them details on how to claim their prize. Good luck! 


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