Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Shop Local or Die 2023!

Shopping local isn't just about transactions; it's about preserving the heart and soul of our communities. Each dollar spent within our local businesses is an investment in our neighborhoods, a commitment to their growth and sustainability. It's the difference between vibrant streets teeming with unique shops and the hollowing out of cherished places. 

Beyond the economic impact, there's a magic in discovering something handcrafted or uniquely curated that evokes genuine joy in the recipient. That moment of delight when they ask, "How did you find this?" speaks volumes about the power of local discovery. Small businesses aren't just shops; they're repositories of knowledge and passion, eager to guide us to the perfect gift.

In the spirit of fostering thoughtful and meaningful connections through gifts, we've compiled a curated list of our beloved local spots in Metro Detroit. This holiday season, let's champion the local artisans, craftsmen, and entrepreneurs who make our communities flourish. 

Join us in embracing the spirit of giving by choosing the local path. And if there's a gem we've missed, share it with us at hipindetroit@gmail.com. 

Together, let's build a thriving network of local treasures, ensuring that the gift of shopping locally continues beyond this holiday season.
Pictured here: Coup D'├ętat

Shop at Cadillac Square (10 local makers)

Pictured here: Cabresto Tequila at Lopez Tire

Eastern Market


The Rust Belt (40 local makers in one spot)

Royal Oak

Pictured here: Downtown Detroit Markets at Cadillac Square

Other Cities in Metro-Detroit


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