Friday, August 25, 2023

Get Ready to Turn Up the Heat at Haute to Death with Tammy Lakkis!


For those who are already feeling the end-of-summer blues, we've got news that's sure to light up your calendar. Prepare to keep the temperature soaring because Tammy Lakkis is set to take the stage as the featured guest at this month's electrifying Haute to Death event on Saturday, August 26th at Marble Bar in Detroit!

But that's not all – the August edition of Haute to Death carries an extra special flair. It's the welcoming of Virgo Season, and both Tammy and Ash, the event's talents, share this astrological distinction. If you too fall under the Virgo sign, consider this your official invitation to the celebration. Bring your best birthday glow, your favorite highlighter, and your warmest wishes to share on the dance floor.

When it comes to musical genres, Haute to Death has got everyone covered. From the infectious rhythms of Post Punk to the nostalgic vibes of New Wave and the pulsating energy of Italo and Electro, there's no shortage of auditory pleasures. And if you're a fan of the infectious beats of Diva House or the timeless allure of Regular House, you won't be disappointed. The best part? The eclectic mix means there's a little something for everyone, no matter what kind of groove gets your feet tapping.

Tickets are available now and can be snagged for as little as $5. This means you can indulge in a night of unbridled revelry without breaking the bank – a rare and wonderful treat.

Don't let the summer slip away just yet – extend the season's warmth and energy on the dancefloor of Haute to Death!


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