Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Shop Small or Die Metro Detroit Guide 2022

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Gift-giving is an art. Sure, anyone can log onto your Amazon wish list and buy something generic, but that takes all the fun out of gift-giving. It takes a special kind of person to put the time and the effort into shopping locally and finding something that you may have never heard of or seen before, but we promise you the benefits are HUGE. 

Studies have shown that around seventy cents of every dollar spent locally go back into the community, but that is not the most exciting part. The best part of finding something small and special is seeing someone's face when they realize how much thought and care you put into choosing their gift. How did you know? Where did you find this? Those are the kind of things you'll be hearing when you keep it local. 

We have also found that small shops don't mind helping us if we're unsure about what to get for someone on our list. They see a lot of people and know what people have been buying, so they usually have some great suggestions. 

So, we once again put together a list of all the cool local places that we love to shop in Metro Detroit. Please use this list to do as much holiday shopping as you can and let's all make the effort to make gift-giving thoughtful, special, and local this holiday season.

If you would like us to consider adding your spot to this list please email us directly at We know we have missed a lot of great spots, so if you think of one, let us know. We will keep re-sharing and adding to the list all holiday season so that we can all use it over and over again to shop local!

Eastern Market

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