Monday, November 8, 2021

Profs & Pints Has Landed in Detroit

Did you enjoy school, specifically college? I know we all hated the hours, the homework, and the general education classes that we didn't want to take, but when you had a good professor who knew their stuff and was passionate about teaching, did you find yourself interested in whatever they were sharing? Personally, I loved the lectures, especially when the professor was clearly passionate about what they were talking about. I would learn more in two hours than I could from any book and I would retain the information much longer when it was taught to me in this fashion. Throughout history, humans used storytelling to pass down knowledge and history from generation to generation. Philosophers would travel to share their knowledge and to hear other theorists share their views and findings. Learning from each other is what has kept us alive. These days, sharing knowledge usually comes with a hefty price and a lot of tests. But, thanks to a new to Detroit event called Profs & Pints, knowledge is a shared entity that anyone can afford!

Profs & Pints was created by Peter Schmidt, a Detroit area native who spent nearly 30 years as an education journalist before establishing Profs & Pints in Washington D.C. in October 2017. He says: "As a newspaper reporter and editor focused on education, I knew that tuitions are out of reach for many and that far too few people in Michigan and elsewhere have access to college. Moreover, many of those who do enroll end up neglecting academic disciplines they’re passionate about because they feel financially pressured to earn degrees in more-lucrative fields to ensure they can pay off student loans.” Schmidt added: “Profs and Pints offers people a chance to learn about a host of disciplines offering knowledge that greatly enriches life, such as history, literature, philosophy, and cultural studies. With no tuition for them to pay, no tests for them to take, and no grades on the line, it also offers a risk-free opportunity to learn about subjects that may seem intimidating, such as astronomy or nuclear physics." Detroit hosted its inaugural event last month at Planet Ant and everyone who came out loved it, so they are doing it again this month.

Profs & Pints will be returning to Planet Ant on Sunday, Novemeber 21st at 6:30 p.m. This month's topic is the Occult Origins of Science "a look at how alchemy, astrology, and magic helped shape the modern scientific method, with Eric H. Ash, professor of history at Wayne State University and scholar of the development of science and technology in the Renaissance era." Tickets are $12 per person in advance and they can be purchased here. You can grab a pint at Ghost Light bar (attached to Ant Hall) and relax and sip away while you learn. Please note, Planet Ant requires proof of vaccination and a mask to attend all their live events. You can learn more about Pints and Profs here, and you can follow them on Facebook to find out about future events.

Knowledge is power and they are sharing it!

Sneak Peek of this month's lesson:

A 1700 reproduction of a scroll named for the famous 14th-century English alchemist George Ripley depicts alchemists revealing secrets from the Biblical Book of the Seven Seals.



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