Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Coming Soon: Freya Detroit- A Dining Experience

Some people view dining out as a means to an end. They only go to a restaurant when they are hungry, if their fridge is empty, or when they don't feel like cooking. Others treat dining out as an experience within itself. The meal is the reason they left the house and the entire evening will be centered around the food and the act of eating it. Freya is for people that view dining as art and eating well as an activity. 
We were lucky enough to score a table for a vegan tasting menu during Freya's soft opening and we are thrilled to report that the experience exceeded all of our dining expectations. Their vegan tasting menu delivered a wide variety of unique dishes that we have never tried anywhere else. There were sweet, salty, and acidic-based dishes, with a variety of different noodles, grains, vegetables, and marinades to make every course memorable. The servers were impeccably trained and the attention to detail was delightful. From the description of each dish to the prompt service, it was enchanting to watch the ballet of service happening around us while we laughed and enjoyed our time together.
Freya boasts that a typical meal lasts 2 to 3 hours, and the best way to enjoy this soon-to-be-open spot is to book a reservation, select your tasting menu, and then sit back and enjoy the ride. Take a look at some of the dishes that we were served during our visit and follow Freya on social media to find out when you can book your own adventure through their menu. We highly suggest making a date with someone you enjoy spending time with to savor a few hours and some good food together.


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