Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Find Something New for You and Your Home at Urbānum in New Center

Whether you're looking for a gift or something special for your home, Urbānum is the perfect place to shop! Located on Woodward Ave. in New Center, the store just celebrated its 2 Year Anniversary this past weekend. We've been following them on social media for a while so we thought that we should finally stop in to see what this business is all about. 

Urbānum considers themselves, "a curator of distinctly Detroit and city-driven design, with merchandise combining the familiarity of industry with the comfort of found objects." When you step into the store, you feel like you are in an upscale shop or entering a well put together home because the layout and decor is beautiful. Merchandise includes everything from home decor items, to greeting cards and jewelry. There are also lots of Detroit themed pieces, many of which we haven't seen in other shops, such as handmade pillows adorned with screen printings of Detroit buildings and Detroit vinyl floor mats. You can also browse through books, items for your bar, dishes, and lots of cool stuff for kids. This store truly has something for everyone. The best part is that even though everything looks luxurious, the prices were quite reasonable.

We are sorry that we slept on this shop for over two years. We are always happy to see new businesses moving into the empty storefronts in New Center, but we can't help but feel sad for the businesses that came before them that were forced to shutter due to the construction of Woodward Ave. and the Q Line. This sadness kept us from exploring all the great shops that have moved into Midtown. Urbānum addressed this in a Facebook post discussing their decision to open a shop in the once-thriving New Center area. 

They posted the following:
"We've lived and worked in Detroit for a long time and we deeply understood that our good fortune was caused by someone else's misfortune. We weighed the pros and cons for a long time and finally said we would take it. We live in Woodbridge, I was a DPS teacher - we hoped to be good stewards of the space and provide our community with some basics that weren't readily available in the city. We hope we're living up to that goal and more!"

It's nice to see that we all shared a similar sentiment. We think that Urbānum is a great addition to the city and we look forward to shopping there on the regular. We hope that you stop in and check it out, we think that you will like it as much as we do.

Urbānum is located at 6545 Woodward Ave. in Detroit. Their current store hours are Thursday - Saturday from noon - 5 p.m. Make sure you follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates and sneak peeks of new merchandise available in the store. 

Happy Second Anniversary, Urbānum! We hope that you have many successful years ahead of you! 


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