Monday, July 13, 2020

Playground Detroit Presents "Change of Plans"

Playground Detroit's latest gallery is called a Change of Plans, a scenario that we have become all too familiar with thanks to COVID-19. This interruption of our daily routine has caused distress for some, while it has been a period of growth for others. So Detroit artist Sidd Finch and illustrator Anna Orletski collaborated to capture this moment in time.

Together they have created a photo series that captures individual Detroiters' experiences during a time of global unrest. Their show will open on Thursday, July 30th and it will feature 80 photos of Detroiters that were taken between April 8th and June 9th, 2020, during the stay-at-home order. The photos have also been compiled into a book that will be available for purchase at the show. You can also pre-order Change of Plans the book here.

Jewell. Photo by Sidd Finch, Change of Plans series, 2020. 
Jax Anderson. Photo by Sidd Finch, Change of Plans series, 2020.
Motorkam, Photo by Sidd Finch, Change of Plans series, 2020.

This will be the first COVID-19 gallery that Playground has held so it will be a little different then what you are used to. If you would like to come to see the show, you will have to make an appointment. You can schedule your time to come through here. Playground Detroit asks that you wear a mask and keep at least 6 feet of space between you and everyone else while you are at the show.


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