Monday, January 21, 2019

A Peep Inside the Willis Show Bar

The original Willis Show Bar opened its doors in 1949. The upscale bar and lounge featured live music and stiff drinks and it was the playground for many of Detroit's movers and shakers until the city abruptly closed it down in 1978. For almost 40 years, the building laid in ruins waiting for someone to restore it to its original glory, which is exactly what happened when it reopened it's doors last year.

The new Willis Show Bar also features live music and great cocktails almost every day of the week.  They have once again gathered some of Detroit's best musicians and performers and created a curated calendar of music and entertainment that you cannot find anywhere else in Detroit. They have also created a cocktail menu that features staples like The Old Fashioned alongside interesting blends like an Old English Lavender and an Espresso Martini, which makes getting a drink there a little more enticing. It's hard to explain what makes this place so special, so instead of describing it to you, we teamed up with Obscura Broadcasting Company to give you a little sneak peak inside to show you what makes this space our new favorite upscale night out.

Most Willis Show Bar performances are only $5 to attend so there is no reason to skip this experience, head over to their website and book yourself a seat ASAP!


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