Thursday, November 8, 2018

Cinema Detroit's New Film Series Celebrates the Female Pioneers of Film

In 1991 Anita Hill testified that she was sexually harassed by then Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas. Her testimony, the fallout and his eventual nomination lead to record numbers of women running for office that following election cycle. History seems to have repeated itself this year when a record number of women were elected on November 6th. Since the election of Donald Trump, women have come together to march in the streets and to take back the House of Representatives and many people feel that this female wave was partially motivated by the way that Christine Blassy Ford was treated during Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination process just a few weeks ago. Women have proven that they are not going to stand for this shit anymore, they are ready to show the world that we will not go silent into the night, we will be seen and we will be heard. 2018 will be known as the beginning of the rise of females, in government, in entertainment, and exploring new areas that we have never gone before. But, before we move forward it's always good to celebrate our past.

Cinema Detroit is celebrating women in film by hosting a series of screenings that will honor the female pioneers of film. This includes directors like Alice Guy-Blaché and Lois Weber and director/star Mabel Normand. Names that were all well known during their heyday, but names that faded into the background as male directors took over the industry. The films that they created have been restored to 2K and 4K and they will be presented in their full glory during a new series called Pioneers: First Women Filmmakers. Some of the screenings will even be accompanied by live music!

The first of these film screenings will take place at Cinema Detroit this Sunday, November 11th and will take place through December 6th. You can see a full list of screening and purchase tickets here. This event is being sponsored by Detroit Shetown, one of the cool local groups lifting up and celebrating women in film. To learn more about them you can visit there website here.

We love seeing women celebrated for all of their talents, including their influence on film!


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  1. Thanks for featuring my series and the shoutout to Shetown :) If you stop by, please say hi!