Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Next Time You Are in The Eastern Market Grab A Sandwhich and a Strong Drink at The Stache!

If you're in the Eastern Market and you're looking for a great place to have a unique meal we highly suggest making a stop into The Stache International. This cool bar and eatery opened its doors in January of 2016 and flew under our radar until we were looking for a cool place in the market to have a gathering with friends. We went in for the drinks and atmosphere and came back a few weeks later to try the food; both were great and left us wanting more!

The first thing you will notice when you walk into the space is how well it is decorated. The walls are all boldly painted black and white and the decor reminds us of a cool carnival, they even have giant carousel horses at the end of the bar. Our favorite feature is the light up Eat Em Up sign behind the bar. The restaurant/bar features a small kitchen where they prepare an assortment of one of a kind sandwiches and sides and a bar that serves up some really tasty drinks and cocktails.  Their menu features an assortment of sandwiches including bologna, turkey breast, lamb. and pork shoulder. It also features assorted side items like a seasonal salad, chicken wings, and deep fried bread pudding. Every sandwich they serve also comes with house made deep fried potato chips. To accompany the food they have an assortment of original specialty drinks. This includes a drink that features melted cotton candy!

For our first meal we decided to try out the southern bell and the veggie balboa, both came with housemade chips. The turkey sandwich featured a thick piece of turkey alongside an even thicker cut of bacon and swiss cheese. It was seasoned with tomato, collard greens, and Cajun ranch on a pressed onion biscuit roll. I was only able to eat half of the sandwich as it was the size of my head, but I loved every bite of it.

My dining partner ordered the vegetarian option and let me have a few bites so I could see what it was like. This sandwich features smoked portabella slices, grilled bell pepper & onions, melted house cheese blend & rosemary aioli on a grilled hoagie bun. It was hot, spicy and DELIGHTFUL. It was a very hearty sandwich, something you rarely say about the vegetarian option.

We finished up our meal with a midday drink. I decided to try The Staches version of a White Russian upon the recommendation of the staff. I have never enjoyed a White Russian before, but they assured me I would love it. Turns out that they were right! It was one of the most enjoyable drinks that I have ever had.  It was strong, but not too strong. Sweet, but not too sweet and it was nice and cold which really hit the spot on a warm afternoon. The coolest part about everything I just described is that this is all unique to The Stache.  Their menu and drink selection is special, you cant get what they have anywhere else.

The restaurant bar is open at am 11 am every day for lunch and it stays open until midnight everyday of the week except Sundays when it closes at 11 p.m..  They also deliver to their local area if you are not able to make it into the dining room!


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