Monday, June 19, 2017

Make Music Detroit

Music has the power to move millions. It unites people of all different ages, backgrounds, and nationalities and inspires people to move mountains and overcome obstacles in their lives. Personally, I have never loved anything more than watching someone play music live and in person. Detroit is a mecca for music lovers because there are great bands playing all around town every night of the week. But, this weekend Detroit will be teaming up with 700 other cities all around the world to celebrate our favorite form of self expression, music. 

Make Music Detroit is a city wide free event that features hundreds of musical acts in a variety of different venues. There are over 50 bands playing at over 30 venues across the city this Wednesday. None of the bands are charging money to perform and no one is paying to come out and listen. This event is meant to celebrate the magic that music brings to our city by showcasing it across Metro Detroit this Wednesday.

This year's lineup includes Adventures with Vultures, Audra Kubat, Greater Alexander,
and The Old Adage, For a full list of bands click here. Thereare also a ton of venues participating in this year's event, this includes Cass Cafe, DIME, PJ's Lager House and more. For a full list of venues click here. This is an all inclusive musical event that welcomes anyone who wants to attend. To learn more about the free event click here


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