Friday, February 17, 2017

We're Obsessed with Leather Goods Made by Detroit Based Brand Anthony Neil

This past holiday season I went out of my way to shop local and shop small. Meaning, unless somebody on my list wanted something specific, I kept it real and bought most of my gifts from The Detroit Urban Craft Fair, Etsy, and cool local shops throughout Metro Detroit. I hit up a lot of bazaars and holiday parties and found cool one of a kind things for most of the people on my list. It is sort of magical when you can find unique interesting things from small vendors that will make someone happy because you feel a lot better about the purchase and can be pretty sure that you are not going to ever buy a repeat gift!

This year, during my yearly visit to Brightly Twisted for their insane holiday party, I discovered a new local designer named C'erra E. who owned a leather company called Anthony Neil. She had set up a table for the event and had a variety of clutch purses and other small leather goods for sale at the show. All of her stuff was amazing, unique and very well made so I spent half of the night talking her ear off. C'erra E. hand cuts all her products and hand stitches them in her Detroit studio. She sources really cool fabrics and create one of a kind pieces of wearable art.  She is full of passion and her work ethic and passion comes across in her designs. After the party I reached out to the designer to learn more about her brand. If you into fine leather goods, consider shopping local with Anthony Neil! 

HID- Why did you name your company Anthony Neil?
C'erra E.- "The brand is name after my father, Neil Anthony, who raised me in our Detroit home. My father is known to be a loving, giving, fun man and a music lover."

HID- Why did you decide to use leather to make your products?
C'erra E.- "Anthony Neil started off as a beauty brand, wanting to make cosmetic bags out of leather so the corners wouldn't tear up so easily like most do."

HID- How did you learn how to work with leather in the first place?
C'erra E.- "I am a self taught leather crafter. I learned by reading, YouTube, I took a few workshops and have been perfecting my craft daily.

HID- What made you decide to design purses and accessories?
C'erra E.- "Designing handbags and accessories was not the initial goal, cosmetic bags were and what has evolve is what we have now. My initial thought was to find a way to get the brand known and that started off with the leather balloon tassel and then I developed the Melinda essentials clutch and continued to build from there."

HID- Where can people see and buy your handmade goods?
C'erra E.- "Our new lovers can purchase leather at, in Detroit Is The New Black and also Viola Boutique.

HID- How do you describe your personal style?
C'erra E.- "My personal style is edgy chic. I love white tee shirts, skirts, dresses with pattern and color."

HID- Why did you choose to launch your business in the City of Detroit?
C'erra E.- "I am from Detroit and was born and raised in Detroit and wanted to create a brand true to what the city has always been, so I launched it in its birthplace."

HID- What designers inspire you?
C'erra E.- "I am inspired by Rebecca Minkoff, Kenzo, Hermes, Etro."

HID- Are their any other Detroit designers or artist that you love? Wanna share them with us?
C'erra E.- "I love the artwork of Rosco Spears, Phil of The Smile Brand, Chris of The Dirt Label, jewelry designer Valentina of Vajze."

HID- Do you think you’ll eventually expand into other products?
C'erra E.- "I will expand the brand. Anthony Neil is a lifestyle leather brand, so there is surely more to come."

HID- Is there anything else that you would like our readers to know?
C'erra E.- "Anthony Neil was created for the Edgy, Sexy, Bold & always Inviting. The person who bets on themselves and know they are sure to win, thats who we are for. Anthony Neil celebrates The Power of You."

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