Thursday, April 25, 2024

Experience the Best of Southwest Detroit During the 2024 NFL Draft!

Are you planning to visit Southwest Detroit during the 2024 NFL Draft? The Southwest Detroit Business Association (SDBA) wants to make your experience unforgettable with a variety of exciting activities!

Self-Guided Mural Tour: Explore over 60 vibrant murals that showcase the rich culture and history of Southwest Detroit. Take a stroll through the neighborhood and discover these stunning works of art at your own pace.

Local Cuisine: Indulge in delicious treats from some of the best restaurants and bakeries in town. Whether you're craving traditional Mexican fare or something sweet or savory, Southwest Detroit has a wide range of options to satisfy your taste buds.

Support Local Businesses: Shop at the many boutiques and stores in the area to find unique gifts and treasures. By supporting local businesses, you're contributing to the vibrant community of Southwest Detroit.

To make your visit even easier, they've created handy graphics that highlight the best spots to visit in Southwest Detroit. Scan the QR code or visit for details about the self-guided mural tour and more!


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