Thursday, February 29, 2024

Building Your Creative Brand Through Social Media: A Workshop + An Experience All In One


Is social media stressing you out? Are you not sure what to post, when to post, or how to build a brand/community online? Are you struggling to gain followers or understand the social media musts to help your brand grow? If you're nodding "yes" then this workshop is for you.

Sadie Quagliotto from Hip In Detroit has teamed up with Eastern Market Brewing Company, Michigan and Trumbull and Wabisabi313 to bring you a unique experience and a fun way to learn how to make social media work for you!

In This Class You Will Learn:

-About the history of social media

-The state of social media today and how it affects your business

-What you need to be doing to establish your brand + build your community

After completing this class you will gain a new understanding of what you can do to connect with followers, fans, and potential shoppers and how to make it manageable and sustainable to help your brand not only grow but thrive!

What Your Ticket Includes:

-2-hour workshop led by Sadie Quagliotto in the gorgeous event space of Eastern Market Brewing Co.

-Incredible Detroit-style pizza from Michigan and Trumbull

-10% off drinks at the brewery on class day

-25% Off Coupon for Wabisabi313

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