Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Meet Twïnn

COVID-19 has canceled almost everything. They have put an indefinite hiatus on gathering to watch a live show and a lot of artists have decided to hold off on releasing new music. It is harder than ever to find something fresh and it is even more difficult to get tuned into the local music scene because it's all taking place virtually. Thankfully, we stumbled across something we hadn't heard before that we wanted to share with all of you.

Meet Twïnn, a local duo that recently released their first EP in the middle of a pandemic. Their first four-song EP is called Long Night Moon and it can be heard in full here. There is little to no information about this band as they created their first social media accounts right before lockdown and were never able to play a live show. So, we reached out and had a Zoom chat with the duo to find out a little bit more about who they are and how they created this EP. Check out our interview with Sean and Gjon and then give the EP a listen. We think that you will like it!

~S & C

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