Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Kaitlyn Valor Bourque Takes on a Directing Role for Her Last Act at Planet Ant

Planet Ant is a hub of art and creativity. On any given night you can see people rehearsing for a play in the theatre, catch a class learning a new technique in the hall, watch a live band in the bar, and catch a comedy show in the backroom. Because of this, they have attracted a unique group of artists that put all of their time and passion into creating one of a kind shows that you cannot find anywhere else. One of those artists is actor and director Kaitlyn Valor Bourque. Kaitlyn has starred in many pieces throughout her time at Planet Ant, but she is taking it to the next level for her closing act with the Ant. She is directing a new play called Dancing before she takes her talent in a new direction. So, we asked her to answer a few questions about acting, directing, and what she has planned for the future. Check out what she has to say and then click here to find out more about the show.
HID- Why did you want to direct instead of act?
Kaitlyn- "This story benefits from actors portraying its characters as authentically representative to the ages written as possible — their journey takes them through age 17 to 23. One of the actors in this production is 17 and the other is 22, so they perfectly represent the entire spectrum the script outlines. Aside from being a solid decade past this age bracket (insert wink-emoji here), I felt personally connected to this script in a way that was comprehensive and vivid and made me feel more compelled to lead a team into giving it life."

HID- Which role do you prefer and why?
K- "Impossible! I adore and am mystified by both of these characters as written, in equal measure. Their individual and collective journeys ring true for me in ways that are unnervingly specific to my own lived experiences. It’s the classic queer attraction paradox — am I into this person because I want to be them or bang them? These are roles I want to see on stage because they are people I somehow both already know and have always been dreaming about."

HID- How long do you have to rehearse a piece like this before it goes to the stage?
K- "When the show opens we will have had just under four weeks of rehearsals. Our schedule has been tight, but thorough and well-managed; and these lovely young actors have had their game faces on from the very start."

HID- What do you hope people take away from this show?
K- "My hope is that audiences see firsthand how a universal, tale-as-old-as-time can be elevated and made new again with new representation – and how that single shift can change the way these stories unravel. I hope they remember someone, or sometime, that made them feel the way “J” and “S” make each other feel."

HID- What are you looking forward to in 2020?
K- "After being an active part of this creative colony for over two years, Dancing will be my last project with Planet Ant for the foreseeable future. The transition is certainly bittersweet, but very exciting in its possibility and promise. Ultimately, I am looking forward to turning my focus inward, getting back onstage, traveling more in 2020 — and most of all, my beautiful baby sister getting married at the end of the year!"

HID- Is there anything else you think we should know?
K- "This world premiere is written, produced, and performed exclusively by local artists; all of which is possible because of Planet Ant’s commitment to supporting and spotlighting the creative pursuits of hundreds of individuals throughout our communities. There are so many ways to support this non-profit’s efforts beyond just attending this show, so follow their social media platforms and come to all the things!"

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